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5 Tips for Creating Premium Quality Wine Labels

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5 Tips for Creating Premium Quality Wine Labels

Premium quality wine labels are critical for a wine’s success. The five tips below will give you a great start on ensuring that your wine gets the attention on the store shelf that it deserves.

1. Know Your Market. Make sure you clearly understand the type of consumer that would be most likely to purchase your wine, and make sure the label speaks to them. For example, Millennials and Baby Boomers shop differently and will look for different things in the wine they purchase.

2. Make it Memorable. Consumers will often shop with their eyes when scanning the shelves and buying a wine for the first time, so your wine label needs to stand out. You’ll sell the second bottle based on the wine itself.

3. Start with a Style. There are as many ways to design a wine label as there are wines. But, in general, you’ll have an easier time designing your label if you start with a particular style, depending on the character of your operation. Consider these four common styles:

  • Traditional. This label speaks of classic tastes and elegance. Sometimes it is good to go with a traditional look if you are competing against higher-priced competitors. Making your bottle look as elegant as the competition for a lower price-point can be an effective marketing strategy.
  • Relaxed. If you’re appealing to a young audience, or if you’re marketing your wine as the one to choose for a party, a relaxed design might be best. These labels can look like they’re drawn by hand or contain whimsical characters illustrating the experience of drinking your wine.
  • Contemporary. If your wine appeals to fashion-forward urban folks, for example, use a modern design. Go for something visionary with unique font styles and lots of negative space.
  • Antique. The old-timey look that honors the past could tell your story best. Use classic fonts along with lines, curves and ribbons.

4. Make the Label Work for You. Make sure that your brand and the varietal is easy to see at a glance. Think of yourself scanning a shelf full of wine bottles – you’d want the most important information easy to find. Consumers like to know about the taste of the wine – is it crisp or earthy - and it’s always a good idea to include suggested pairing. A consumer may not know what a complex wine tastes like, but if it would go well with the chicken dish they’re serving, you just made a sale.

5. Use the Right Material. There are a wide range of materials for you to choose from. Use a waterproof label material for any wine bottle that will likely be placed in a refrigerator. Clear film wine labels are also waterproof and use permanent adhesive. Gloss wine labels are great for high-resolution images and a modern look.

If you have a need for premium-quality wine labels, call us at 877-634-2621. Our experts will help you find just the right label material and finish for your product.

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