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How to Use QR Codes to Their Best Advantage

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How to Use QR Codes to Their Best Advantage

In the last few years, QR codes have become more common than ever on product packaging, and now that consumer awareness of the technology has spread significantly, it may be time to start thinking about incorporating them into your product labels. While QR codes can be a great marketing tool, there are things to keep in mind when designing a campaign.

1. Although many consumers know what a QR code is and what to do with them, you should never assume that every consumer will. This is especially important if your target demographic doesn’t center on teenagers and young adults. Consider providing a short set of instructions above the QR code to guarantee that your consumers understand its purpose.

2. There are a number of QR code scanners available for both Apple and Android phones. You may find a partnership with a particularly successful - and highly rated - scanner app to be mutually beneficial.

3. Make the process of scanning your code worthwhile. The fact is, some smartphone users have gotten complacent with how many things their phones are able to do by voice command alone, and so if they’re going to go through the process of opening an app and scanning a code, the result better be worth it. Offering downloadable content (like coupon codes, automatic entry into a contest or free products) is the best approach. If a QR code just takes the consumer to your company’s website, they may be disappointed. It’s certainly more convenient than having to type out a long URL, but sending them to a website they may not have wanted to visit anyway is not going to create loyal consumers. Giving the consumer a bonus for taking the time to scan the code will make them more enthusiastic about your product.

4. Think about making use of personalized labels. Rocket Label can print labels with unique content on each one, so you could even have multiple QR codes per roll that link to different content. If you had a chance to win something worthwhile for very little effort, wouldn’t your interest be piqued? Consider the success of McDonald’s annual Monopoly contest, which is also a game of chance. It’s a similar concept, except that a QR code will link to digital content.

Whether you choose to order general product labels or special personalized labels, be certain to tailor their associated content to your demographic so that you can be guaranteed the best possible results.

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