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Why Colors Matter

It’s no secret that color is important in product design, packaging and marketing. But have you ever actually seen the scientific data that proves it? The numbers might surprise you. In a study ... Read More

Climate and Labels

Although the thermometer outside might tell a different story, fall and winter are coming fast, making now a good time to reevaluate your label needs. Rain, snow, wind and dry air can all contribute t... Read More

FDA Proposes New Guidelines

The FDA has recently proposed new guidelines for labelling food packages. The FDA frequently issues new guidelines as it seeks to continually refine its labelling requirements in order to best serve t... Read More

Designing Nutraceutical Labels

When looking at a nutraceutical label, what do your intended consumers see? Are they distracted by an overlarge logo that forces all of the important health and safety information to be written across... Read More

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